THE BUDDY HOLLY "CURSE?" Does it really Exist?
The following links tell a very sad story. All accounts are undeniably true and the source may be more undeniably real as we continue to research the origins of such stories.
This is the last photo ever taken of Buddy Holly. It was snapped in Wisconsin as the troup was heading out for Clear Lake, Iowa, the last stop before eternity.

I would like to explain a few things here about Buddy, the ill-fated crash, and the alleged "curse" that seems to have attacked anyone connected with Buddy's music.

It was quite clear that several people who knew Buddy Holly had prior dreams,premonitions, of a plane crashing. These people include Buddy, himself, his wife at the time, Maria Elena, and his dear friend, Peggy Sue Gerron. There may have been others. Of course, the famous remark of Waylon Jennings about Buddy's plane crashing was meant as a joke, however, it happened and
that jesting between friends haunted Waylon for the rest of his life.

The spirit of Buddy Holly reveals a special soul who knew he had veered from the right road but remained anxious to turn back to it. Buddy never lost sight of God, though quite a few of those he associated with in the entertainment industry were not believers in God, some were, it is said, connected to satan worship. Buddy never accepted that as his way of life, nor was he truly happy in that industry. Buddy's spirit appears occasionally, in dreams and
visitations, and appears to be "working through" some of the more "unfinished" portions of his last existence. Without a doubt, Buddy has crossed over into the light and has been since reunited with his parents. He continues to remain somewhat of a loner as he works at his karma, including the reason for his occasional return: to ask for help from those of us here on the earth plane who can help correct some of what pre-destined fate had interupted. Unfortunately, Buddy's visits and messages cannot be handed on to his family and friends as they do not believe in a life hereafter, which Buddy understands and though it saddens him not to be
able to communicate, he is happy to "talk" to myself, and perhaps others who can "hear" him with regard to his pleas for "help" in telling the truth of not only what happened on that fateful day, but what had happened beforehand to arouse about such a "disdain" among some in the entertainment industry for this talented young man who then never had a chance to fulfill his life's ambition. Much of Buddy's sorrow lies in the fact that his posthumous success here on the earth plane could not be enjoyed--first-hand--by him. Buddy is not happy with certain people who he knew in life, names shall remain anonymous at this time. He is anxious for the truth to be told and will not be completely at rest until the person(s) who knows that truth reveals it as soon as possible, before it is too late.

Was Buddy Holly the Victim of A Curse? Could it be possible and why? The Bible tells specifically that God does not condone wizards, witches, spellcasters...advising us that yes; there is such a thing as casting spells and witchcraft. Some people believe that spells cannot be cast upon those who do not claim them, however, the fact is that it can be done and many times is--unknowingly to the receiver whose good fortune may suddenly turn to misfortune or ill health, sometimes even tragedy. There are ways to protect oneself from such spells and the strongest point is to reject anything that stems from the "darkness" and can be accomplished, as one method, in the form of a special prayer said "In the name of Jesus Christ." Surround yourself with symbols of God and Jesus, the Saints, Angels, the white light of divine protection...create a mini-shrine or alter in your bedroom where you sleep, as things do many times "go bump" in the night--mostly between the hours of dusk and dawn, with the brunt of energy more prevalant it seems at the midnight hour and after. I have found this to be true 95% of the time. Also for me, the hour of 3pm is a good time for receiving psychic phenomena, dreams, and visions. Keeping yourself close to God helps to ward off evil/negative forces but more than this you must remember that prayer alone does not eliminate demons. You must CAST OUT demons in the name of Jesus Christ.
Do not claim that satan exists or give that negative energy any consideration or thought. When you feel yourself being mentally subjected to negative thoughts or forces which may seem beyond your control, simply turn your thoughts to God or more simply, turn your thoughts elsewhere to a positive project or concentrate on something positive. Always turn a negative thought to a positive thought. Thinking positive is the key to a successful journey through life. DO NOT ALLOW NEGATIVITY TO INVADE YOUR SPACE. A healthy, positive, and aware mind is alert to anything out of the ordinary. YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU to control your own life.

As for the Buddy Holly curse, there were "darker" personalities/energies around Buddy during his last year especially. Did darker personalities "will" a pre-planned tragic line to Buddy Holly, his music, and anyone who pays homage to him through said music? If you read the story behind the Buddy Holly Curse, which, by the way, is a disdainful injustice to Buddy even to associate the word "curse" with his name. This is one of the more in depth stories about said "curse" found on the internet and explains in detail about the people who knew Buddy in some way, whose lives were touched by tragedy after having some sort of connection to Buddy Holly. The stories are all true without a doubt, but is the irony of these tradgedies coincidence or truly a viscious attack of intolerable evil.

The "Curse" and Who It Involved

Buddy Holly Curse - Part I

Buddy Holly Curse - Part II

Eddie Corchran, early Cricket members, Bobby Fuller, Ricky Nelson, Keith Moon, Gary Busey. Were the tragedies befallen them truly the results of a "curse" placed some time ago on Buddy Holly and/or anyone who associated or connected to his name and his music?

Was a"curse," in fact, placed on Buddy, himself, or was it placed on anyone who came into contact with Buddy's name or music? And does such a "curse" really exist? It's difficult to say that such a "curse" existed without clear cut proof and evidence, however, the stories of tragedies befallen to many musicians seem to all have a common connection: Buddy Holly. It is without a doubt that Buddy, himself, had anything to do with such a "curse," for never would he have wished harm on a friend or someone who thought to pay tribute to him and his music. If such a "curse" did exist, then it would have to be the workings of someone who disliked Buddy so intensely as to have wanted revenge for some purpose against him, even in death. And could this be one of the reasons also why Buddy's soul is not at complete rest?

To associate Buddy Holly with the tragedies that have occurred to friends and musician associates is in poor taste to Buddy Holly, his memory, his legacy, and those who knew and loved him. The "curse" could be no more than a myth, a rock and roll legend, but the hard facts about those who have met tradgedy involving Buddy Holly in some way are undeniably true and well-documented. To put the blame on Buddy for the mysterious fate surrounding people he knew and cared for is unquestionable, unthinkable, however, there is something to this and, perhaps, the truth is already out there. The mystery surrounding the fateful plane crash does not begin with the deaths of four innocent nor does it end there. Buddy is not at rest and will not be until the entire truth of his death is known. There is one person who holds the key to that truth and they and others know who they are.

Hopefully, Buddy's spirit will continue to work through myself and others as he has been and continue to help supply more answers so that we may help the spirits of Buddy, Ritchie, Jape, and Roger, find eternal "peace" once and for all.

As you remember Buddy and the others mentioned here and in these videos, please remember these words to the hymn here playing: "Oh, the Blood of Jesus, Oh the Blood of Jesus, it washes whiter than the snow..."

God Bless!